Foreclosure Prevention and Defense Attorney

We’ll Help Protect You From Foreclosure

Are you facing the risk of foreclosure on your home? Christensen Young understands that losing a home is a frightening feeling but no matter your case, there are often legal defenses that can help you save your home and protect your rights.

In the case of foreclosure, lenders are typically unwilling to renegotiate or modify your loan because they are following internal procedures that benefit them. They request the same paperwork over and over and never really intend to offer you anything in the way of relief.

Our attorneys will exhaust every available remedy to fight against unfair and deceptive lending practices and help you save your home. Our foreclosure prevention focuses on forcing banks to follow consumer protection guidelines and restructuring or modifying your loans so you can keep your home.

If the bank made an error, it may be possible to have your foreclosure dismissed. We can also provide you with alternatives to foreclosure, like loan modifications.

An attorney can even help you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to temporarily stop the bank from proceeding with foreclosure until you have reviewed your options and made a decision.

You deserve the best legal advice when it comes to your family’s home and we want to help. Call today for help on Foreclosure Defense (866) 861-3333