Life Insurance Attorney

Incorporating Life Insurance Into Your Estate Plan

Within the estate planning community there is great debate about the role of having life insurance. We look at life insurance as a useful estate-planning tool, and in fact, adding life insurance is sometimes the best way to successfully achieve estate planning goals.

The life insurance arm of our firm’s estate planning service exists to provide clients with financial protection, asset security, and the assurance of a comfortable future. The representatives of Christensen Young & Associates understand that life can be unpredictable, and that’s the first step to an effective life insurance plan.

Most people are unaware of just how much life insurance they require, and what type of life insurance will provide the greatest benefits for the lowest costs. That’s where our team comes in—it’s our job to review your existing lifestyle and history and recommend the types of policies that can give you the best options for insuring your life.

The key to providing the most effective life insurance products is flexibility. The purpose of insurance plans is to prepare for the unknown by having a plan in case of an emergency. If the plan doesn’t work the way it is supposed to when people need it most, it is an ineffective plan and shouldn’t be one of your financial assets.

The insurance providers of Christensen Young & Associates believe that insurance plans can be beneficial financial planning tools for multiple generations, and are forms of protection that extend to benefit family members and beneficiaries.

Finding a competent life insurance provider that truly cares for the welfare of their clients isn’t an easy task, but we can provide those products along with the rest of our legal services. To discuss your life insurance needs and the types of products that will be most beneficial for you, talk to our team today.

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