The Timeline of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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29th Dec 2014

If you have been seriously injured, there may be a chance for a personal injury lawsuit. This comes as a process, with specific items needing to be fulfilled along the way. Take a look at the timeline and process behind a personal injury lawsuit, and what you must do should you find yourself in this situation.




After an accident, you should first be looking into getting treatment. Go to the doctor or if it is serious enough visit the hospital to ensure you get the treatment you need. This is not only beneficial to your health, but important for the insurance adjuster to see that you were actually hurt from the incident.


Choose Your Lawyer


Anything more than just a minor claim should have a lawyer. Most of the time it is still helpful to have a lawyer even for these smaller issues. This is for your own protection.You should choose your lawyer soon after the injury. If you have broken a bone, have large medical bills, or been out of work for more than a couple of days, you should hire a lawyer.


The Lawyer’s Process


Once you choose your accident injury lawyer, they will begin investigating both the claim and the medical records. Be prepared for an interview about the accident, the medical conditions that might have been caused by or those that were present before, and the medical treatment you have received. Make sure that you know all aspects about these things and can answer correctly. In addition to talking to you, the lawyer will gather the medical records and bills that pertain to the accident.


In some cases, especially smaller ones, the claim can be settled even before a lawsuit is filed. Your lawyer will do what he sees fit, whether that is making a demand to the other’s insurance, or file a lawsuit. Once the lawsuit is filed there is a chance the case could go to trial.

The length of a personal injury trial can last varying lengths, sometimes as short as a day or other times weeks. This depends in part on the state you live in. It is important to hire a trusted lawyer for your personal injury case to ensure you get what you deserve from the situation.