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Instead of relying on an under-qualified company or doing it yourself, Christensen Young and Associates strongly recommends that you work with our expert attorneys specializing in loan modification. Unlike loan modification companies, our staff is comprised of practicing attorneys, paralegals, financial specialists, mortgage lending experts and modification submission specialists who truly understand lending institutions and real estate law. A dedicated lawyer at our firm will not only help you obtain your loan modification in minimal time but will also provide you with valuable resources and dependable advice as we work to save your home.

When Christensen Young and Associates notifies your mortgage lender that you should qualify for a Loan Modification, the default situation of your home goes under review – this is good.

The lender realizes we know the law and that we will protect our client by applying the law. The lenders don’t want to be sued for delaying, avoiding or postponing a loan modification. Lenders do not want to change the terms of their home mortgage loans so they delay any kind of real negotiation or serious attempts to change the rate or interest and fees accumulated. When the lender is notified that Christensen Young is involved in the Loan Modification process they stop their delay tactics and start working towards a loan modification that is suitable for all parties.

Lenders are not easy to work with. You need and should have an attorney on your side.

While foreclosure may be unavoidable to some, countless people have been able to make their homes more affordable by obtaining a loan modification with the help of Christensen Young. A loan modification means we were able to work with their lenders to modify the terms of their home loan. This leads to decreased monthly payments, lower interest rates and often a dismissal of late/delinquency fees. In the end, our clients were able to avoid foreclosure and remain in their home.

While loan modification is a great option, you should know that obtaining a loan modification from your lender can be quite difficult. This is especially true in cases where the lender feels they will lose money if the loan is modified and would rather pursue foreclosure instead. In most cases, only an experienced attorney at Christensen Young can stop the lender from proceeding with the foreclosure. The lender usually doesn’t fear the Homeowner, but once an attorney from Christensen Young notifies the lending institution that we are involved and pursuing a restructuring of the loan, they are more likely to follow loss mitigation guidelines and those guidelines usually allow for a loan modification if the homeowner qualifies.

Save your home from foreclosure today with the help of a legal expert at the law offices of Christensen Young and Associates, PLLC. Turn to our experienced team in Sandy, Utah for loan modification assistance.

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