5 Situations Where You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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15th Dec 2015

Many people think that after a severe injury or accident they are better off to try and handle the situation on their own, or that hiring a personal injury attorney could make them seem greedy. Unfortunately what people don’t realize is that in situations where you are injured or harmed, you could be entitled to significant compensation, but insurance companies that are responsible for paying out those rewards are doing whatever they can to minimize the amount you get as the victim. For that reason, there are some specific situations where it’s very beneficial to hire an attorney to be on your side and work to get you what you deserve.

Animal Bites

Whether it’s a dog bite or something a little more exotic, if you get bit by an animal someone else owns, that owner or another responsible party could have a legal obligation to provide you with damages. Animal bites should always be seen by a medical professional, but once you get proper treatment, the next step is to review the case with a lawyer to find out if a claim is in your best interest. You may be entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and any additional emotional suffering or pain the animal bite caused.

Auto Accidents

Sometimes automobile accidents are truly an accident, but in other situations they are caused by another driver who was distracted or otherwise impaired. In the latter situation if that person’s distraction or impairment caused the accident, they may be required to pay medical bills, wages if you are out of work, and other damages. You might also be entitled to additional compensation if you have significant scarring, disfigurement, or dismemberment. Involving an attorney ensures you will get what you deserve and won’t be low-balled or ignored by the insurance company.

Truck Collisions

Truck drivers have large vehicles that can cause significant damage, which is why they have an additional responsibility to drive carefully and protect those around them on the roads. If you have an accident that is the fault of a truck driver it’s particularly important to hire an attorney who can help you fight for fair compensation with the trucking company.

Medical Malpractice

Most people trust medical professionals, and most medical professionals provide care to the best of their ability in a safe way. In some cases, though, doctors or other medical professionals deviate from the “acceptable standards of care” and cause significant harm or damage to a patient. When this does happen, you have a legal recourse to seek compensation for emotional and physical damages you experience as a result. This can include covering your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one in an accident is a difficult time emotionally, but in some cases it could also be an important time legally. No matter what the cause of the person’s death, if it was caused by the negligence of someone else, including a company or business, they could be held legally responsible.

While these are not the only situation where you might benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney, they are five examples where an attorney could help your case. Studies have shown that people who do hire an attorney receive settlements three or more times larger than those who try to handle it on your own. If you’re unsure about whether you should hire an attorney, it’s always better to call and review your case.